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Experience like no other
The work we do is only as good as our team. That's why we make every effort to attract the most talented specialists from all corners of the world to collaborate with our wonderful clients in creating meaningful projects together.
  • Results
    Time spent is not an accurate measure of success.
  • Collaboration
    This is how we achieve the best results.
  • Trust
    Trust is gained and maintained.
  • Generosity
    We view work as a service to the well-being of others.
  • Continuous improvement
    We are committed to the principle of continuous growth.
  • Training
    Knowledge sharing is the key to innovation and development.
Privileges we provide
We are continually improving our employee benefits to remain competitive and provide fair support to our team.
  • Results-oriented work environment
    We value the sincere contribution of each employee and prioritize results over the amount of time spent at the desk.
  • Paid vacation and holidays
    Our team can choose convenient times for vacation, considering responsibilities to projects and the team.
  • Maternity and medical leave
    We support work-life balance by providing necessary leave during important life moments.
  • Opportunity for an annual profit-based bonus
    We motivate employees to work towards results, making them participants in the company's success.
  • Free personal finance consulting
    We assist employees in managing their finances correctly and planning budgets.
  • Bonuses for client referrals and employee recommendations
    We incentivize the team to bring in new talents and business opportunities for the company.
Our principles of hiring
Recruitment process
Submitting an application
Emphasize what makes you shine! Our hiring manager will review the submissions and be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
Phone interview
If your application is selected, our hiring manager will contact you and schedule a 30-45 minute call. We will discuss your background, relevant experience and how you can complement our team and culture.
Skills assessment at a distance
For all vacancies, we conduct a special exam to better understand your level. This will give you an idea of what awaits you at work and show us your expertise.
Interview with team members
If you are moving to the formal interview stage, we will schedule you for an interview lasting about 1.5 hours with a panel of 3-5 professionals from different disciplines. We ask each candidate the same set of questions to better understand how you can contribute to our company.
Interview with management
Next, you'll be treated to a 30-minute formal interview with our executives. Finding people who fit our culture and values is a priority for our leadership team.
Once the interview team members have discussed the results, the hiring manager will notify you of the final decision. Whether you are offered a position or not, we will notify you as soon as possible.